Livewire Exclusive | How to Find Growth in a Low-Growth World

There’s no doubt growth is much harder to come by these days. While Australia, along with the rest of the world, is experiencing some growth, it’s not the strong numbers of the past decade. Australia’s GDP for 2019-20, for example, is expected to be just under 3 per cent while the global growth outlook has been revised downwards.

As a result, the long run of high market returns may be a thing of the past as the world adjusts to this ‘new normal’. But not all industries are tied to the economic cycle: there are other factors that drive earnings.

Livewire recently sat down with two bottom-up fundamental stock pickers – Liam Donohue of Lennox Capital Partners and Natalie Tam of Aberdeen Standard Investments – to discuss how to measure growth these days and which companies are showing the best growth prospects. They believe if you’re seeking growth, then you need to go for quality and to be careful about paying too much.

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