Livewire Exclusive | Buy Hold Sell: 5 small stocks with big yields

Not all businesses paying a regular, reliable income reside in the ASX-50. There are many mature, stable companies capped at a few billion dollars that pay a robust income too. So, while some investors stick to the ‘bluechips’, many are seeking income elsewhere. While other asset classes are part of the solution, savvy investors are also sniffing out some small stocks with big yields for their income.

In this Buy Hold Sell, our panellists Natalie Tam from Aberdeen Standard Investments and Liam Donohue from Lennox Capital review three such names that have an average yield of 5.5%, even after their prices gained 23.4% in a year.

Tune in for the verdict on these stocks, as well as each manager’s nomination for a quality small-cap that offers an attractive yield today.

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